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My 11 x Grandparents

MARGARET MOSCROP, died in 1638 at High Prior Scale, Calder Bridge, Cumberland. Husbands name not known.

My 10 x Grandparents

WILLIAM MOSCROP, born before 1638, died Jan 1684 at High Prior Scale, Calder Bridge Cumberland. Wife's name not known.

RICHARD JACKSON, died 1727 at High Broad Ley. Married to ELEANOR, who died in 1712 at High Broad Ley, Calder Bridge, Cumberland..

My 9 x Grandparents

HENRY MOSCROP, born about 1652 at High Prior Scale, Calder Bridge, Cumberland. Married on the 2nd March 1685 at Haile Church Cumberland, to BARBARA JACKSON. Barbara born about 1665.

WILLIAM LAMB, died aft 1704, living at Ennerdale, Cumberland. JAINE his wife, died after 1704, living at Ennerdale, Cumberland.

My 8 x Grandparents

CLEMENT MOSCROP, born June 1688 at Beckcote, Calder Bridge, Cumberland. Married on the 14th January 1720/1 at St Bridget's Beckermet Cumberland, to ANNE CURWEN

JOHN NORMAN, born about 1706 at Crossdale, Cumberland. Married on the 22nd April 1706 at Dean Church, to MARTHA LAMB. Martha was born in December 1704 at Ennerdale, Cumberland.

JOHN COOK, born before 1699.Married SARAH PONSONBY, date unknown.

My 7 x Grandparents

ISAAC MOSCROP, born about 1725 at Beckcote, Calder Bridge, Cumberland, occupation Farmer. Married on the 7th February 1748 at Ennerdale Cumberland, to JANE NORMAN. Jane was born in March 1729 at Ennerdale, Cumberland

WILLIAM COOKE, born about 1699. Married on the 27th September in Whitehaven, to RUTH (nee KITCHIN) COOK.

WILLIAM DIXON, born about 1717 at Millom, Cumberland. Married about 1738 at Holy Trinity Church Millom, Cumberland, to BETTY ELIZABETH NICHOLSON. Elizabeth born about 1705.

My 6 x Grandparents

CLEMENT MOSCROP, born on the 26th July 1750 at Beckermet, Cumberland, occupation Farmer. Married on the 1st September 1770 at St John's Church Beckermet Cumberland, to ANN COOK. Ann was born on the 4th September 1748 at Grange, Beckermet, Cumberland.

JOSEPH CROSTHWAITE, occupation Paper Mill owner. Married on the 16th November 1783 at Ennerdale Church, to SARAH (married name) BOWMAN.

JOHN SHARPE, born about 1734. Married on the 39th November 1762 at Aldingham, Lancashire, to JANE (nee DIXON) KENDALL

JOHN DIXON, born about 1741 at Millom, Cumberland. Married about 1769 at Bootle, Cumberland, to DOROTHY PARKER. Dorothy born about 1748. 

My 5 x Grandparents

WILLIAM MOSCROP, born December 1780 at Croasdale, Ennerdale, Cumberland, occupation weaver, Coffee plant Overseer. Married two times. His first wife was ELIZABETH CROSTHWAITE. They married on the 28th April 1803 at St James's Church Whitehaven. Elizabeth was born in July 1784 at the Paper Hill, Ennerdale, Cumberland. The name of Williams second wife is not known

JOSEPH ROBINSON, occupation miner. Married HANNAH, surname not known.

ROBERT SHARP, born on the 31st March 1778 at Cow Park, Leece, Lancashire. Married JANE RAWLINSON. Jane born about 1783 in Lancashire.

WILLIAM DIXON, born about 1770 at Corney, Cumberland. Married  in 1798 at Drigg Church to HANNAH HERBERT.

JOHN DIXON, living at Croglin when married to SARAH BEILEY

HENRY HARTLEY living at Drigg when married to RUTH.

My 4 x Grandparents

JOSEPH MOSSOP, born 25th Jan 1804 at Croasdale, Ennerdale, Cumberland, occupation Labourer, gardener. Married 1st August 1829 at Drigg, Cumberland, to ELEANOR ROBINSON. Eleanor was born on the 13th May 1802 at Millgate, Arlecdon, Cumberland

JOHN SHARP, born on the 22nd November 1812 at Aldingham, Lancashire. Married to SARAH. Sarah was born about 1813 at Ulpha, Lancashire.

BENJAMIN NICHOLSON. Married on the 20th November 1830 at Aldingham, Lancashire, to SARAH WINDER.

JOSEPH DIXON, born January 1807 at Drigg, Cumberland. Married on the 7th December 1833 at Muncaster, Cumberland to HANNAH HARTLEY. Hannah was born about 1809 at Drigg, Cumberland.

GEORGE DIXON, born on the 1st May 1812 at Croglin, Cumberland. Married on the 7th December 1833 at Muncaster Church to REBECCA HARTLEY. Rebecca was born in May 1813 at Drigg, Cumberland


My 3 x Grandparents

ELIZABETH MOSSOP, born 24th June 1836 at Cubban, Irton, Cumberland, housekeeper, single woman

STEPHEN BARKER, born about 1835 at Aspatria, Cumberland. Married to ELIZABETH. Elizabeth born about 1836 at Brigham, Cumberland

JOSEPH MARSHALL, born in Ireland, occupation Furnace Nightwatchman. Married to MARGARET HUNTER.

JOHN SHARP, born on the 25th October 1846 at Leece, Lancashire. Married on the 18th June 1871 at the Registrar's Office, Ulverston, Lancashire, to SARAH JANE NICHOLSON. Sarah was born on the 21st May 1843 at Gleaston, Lancashire.

HUGH O'NEIL, born in Ireland in 1846. Married to AMELIA STEPHENSON. Amelia was born about 1849 at Manchester, Lancashire.

MARY ANN DIXON, born 11th August 1838 at Middleton Place, Corney, Cumberland. Single woman.

JOHN DIXON, born on the 12th January 1833 at Drigg, Cumberland. Married on the 4th July 1857 to ELIZABETH FOX. Elizabeth was born on 1st October 1835 at Kirby, Lancashire.

My 2 x Grandparents

JAMES MOSSOP, born about 1865 at Flimby, Cumberland, occupation Miner. Married on the 10th November 1890 at St Nicholas's Church Flimby, to ANN BARKER. Ann was born in August 1863 at Risehow Houses, Flimby, Cumberland.

JACOB MARSHALL, born on the 24th March 1864 at Windscales, Workington, Cumberland, occupation Police Inspector. Married on the 18th April 1888 at St John's, Blackpool, Lancashire, to ELIZABETH ALICE CRAVEN. Elizabeth was born on the 8th September 1866.

JOHN SHARP, born 19th October 1871 at Haverigg, Millom, Cumberland, occupation Furness Keeper. Married on the 5th February 1894 at St James's Church, Millom, to MARY MAGDALEN (ELIZABETH) O'NEIL. Mary was born on the 9th November 1869 at Millom, Cumberland.

WILLIAM HENRY DIXON, born 9th September 1858 at Stubble, Drigg, Cumberland. Married on the 1st February 1888 at Holy Trinity Church, Millom, Cumberland, to MARGARET DIXON. Margaret was born on the 1st August 1865 at Holborn Hill, Millom, Cumberland

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